Revised AIBE XVIII (18) 2023 Exam Dates Announced, Exam Date Changed, Registration Deadline Extended

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The Bar Council of India has announced the revised schedule for the AIBE XVIII Exam in 2023. The exam will now take place on November 26,2023.

Additionally, the registration deadline for the exam has been extended. Candidates can now submit their application forms until November 4, 2023. Previously, the last date for registration was set for October 9, 2023.

Those planning to appear for the AIBE 18 Exam must take note of the new schedule. The deadline to submit the AIBE XVIII Application Form for 2023 is now November 4, 2023. The application form can be found on the official website at

The AIBE XVIII Exam will be conducted in pen-and-paper mode, taking place in 50 test centers across 50 cities in the country. Candidates will have will have the option to choose from three different exam centers. The question paper for AIBE 18 will consist of 100 multiple-choice questions. The purpose. The purpose of the exam is to provide law graduates with a Certificate of Practice (CoP) to practice law.

To be eligible for the AIBE XVIII Exam in 2024, candidates must meet certain criteria. This includes holding a graduate degree in law (3-year LLBLLB or 5-year LLB) from a university recognized by the Bar Council of India. There is no age limit for taking the AIBE exam, and law graduates must have a valid enrollment certificate. They are required to pass the AIBE exam within two years of enrolling at any state bar council.

 As part of the registration process for AIBE XVIII, candidates will need to fill in various details on their application form. This includes personal details, academic qualifications, state bar council enrollment details, and preferred test cities and languages.

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