Employment Agreement Format

THIS AGREEMENT is entered into between [Company/Principal Employer], hereinafter referred to as the “Company,” and the Employee, the particulars of whom are as follows:


  1. Name:
  2. Father’s Name:
  3. Date & Place of Birth:
  4. Nationality:
  5. Sex:

WHEREAS Mr./Ms./Mrs. [Employee’s Full Name] has expressed a desire for employment with the Company and has been appointed to the position of [Position], subject to confirmation after the successful completion of the probationary period. The terms and conditions of this employment contract are hereby agreed upon as follows:


The Employee will serve in the capacity of [Position] with a ranking of [Ranking Number], as per the approved remuneration scales. The Company retains the right, at its sole discretion, to transfer the Employee to a different position without affecting the salary, both during the probationary period and after confirmation.


  1. The standard working hours for the Employee, in the capacity of [Position], will be 5 days a week for 8 hours a day, from 0900 to 1700 hrs, including a lunch break of 30 minutes. However, as circumstances dictate, the Employee may be required to work beyond regular hours.

  2. Overtime may be requested by the Employer when necessary, with the Employee agreeing to such requests. Overtime will be compensated in accordance with local laws, excluding Israeli/Jewish holidays.

  3. For specified employees whose duties extend beyond regular office hours, a consolidated overtime wage will be paid for notional 75 hours of overtime work per month at the rate of [Rate] payable in Rupees.

  4. This fixed sum of overtime wages is applicable regardless of whether the actual overtime hours are less or more than 75 hours per month.


  1. The Employee will undergo a probationary period of three (3) months, starting from the date of employment. Either party can terminate the contract at any time during this period by providing seven days’ notice.

  2. Conditions of contract related to termination and severance payment will not be applicable during the probationary period.


  1. The Employee will receive a gross salary of Rs. [Amount] per month, subject to tax deduction at source if applicable.

  2. The Employee is entitled to a bonus equal to one month’s basic salary for Diwali, to be paid in October or November.

  3. The rank and salary will be in accordance with approved remuneration scales, with promotions based on superiors’ recommendations.

  4. A seniority salary increment will be paid to the Employee after the first year of full-time employment, following Ministry guidelines and the salary scale as of January 1st of each calendar year.

  5. Additional overtime hours will be compensated per local law, excluding regular working hours on holidays.


Employees traveling on official duty can claim reimbursement of expenses, subject to approval. Allowances may include daily food allowance and miscellaneous expenses related to official duty.


Local income taxes will be deducted from the Employee’s gross salary and paid to the appropriate authorities by the Employer.


  1. The Employer shall provide Medical Insurance for the Employee and dependent family members, with contributions from both parties.

  2. Personal Accidents Insurance will be provided, with contributions from both the Employer and Employee.


  1. Annual leave entitlement is [Number] days per calendar year, inclusive of casual leave.

  2. Maternity leave of three months is granted to female employees as per local law.

  3. Other holidays will be declared by the first week of the year, with the possibility of changes. Employees may be called to work on holidays without extra compensation.


The retirement age is 60 years, with the possibility of extension at the discretion of the Company.


  1. Notice of termination is one calendar month by either party, with one month’s salary in lieu thereof.

  2. Terminal benefits include one month’s salary for each completed year of service, with a minimum of one year’s service. Payment is made on grounds of ill health, redundancy, or old age retirement. Voluntary resignation qualifies for terminal benefits after five years of service, not exceeding 15 months’ pay.

  3. The Employee will contribute to a Provident Fund Scheme, with deductions and contributions as per the scheme’s terms.

  4. Benefits will be available to dependents/legal heirs in case of the Employee’s death during service.


The Employee shall maintain the confidentiality of private, sensitive, or confidential information learned during employment. A breach of confidentiality may lead to termination, and obligations under this clause extend beyond the termination of employment.


The Employee shall not accept other employment or engage in any other business activity during the employment with the Company without prior written consent.

I, [Employee’s Full Name] residing at [Employee’s Address], hereby fully agree to comply with the above rules, regulations, and all appendices during my tenure with [Company].


On behalf of [Company], being the Employer: In the presence of (2) Employee:

[Signature] [Signature]

[Name and Designation of Company Representative] [Name of Employee]


  1. [Witness Name and Address]
  2. [Witness Name and Address]
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