Gujarat High Court to Review Controversial Haryanvi Song “Court Me Goli” Amid Allegations of Judicial Targeting

Gujarat High Court to Review Controversial Haryanvi Song Amid Allegations of Judicial Targeting

Ahmedabad, [Date]: In a significant development, the Gujarat High Court announced on Wednesday its intention to scrutinize a Haryanvi song titled “Court Me Goli” in response to allegations that it deliberately targets the judiciary. The case, Umakant Rajaram Chauhan vs VATS Records through owner Pawan Sharma, was brought before a bench comprising Chief Justice Sunita Agarwal and Justice Aniruddha Mayee during the hearing of a public interest litigation (PIL) plea.

The PIL was filed by Umakant Chauhan, who expressed concern about the song uploaded on YouTube in December 2022. Representing the petitioner, advocate Kuldip Solanki informed the bench that the song attempts to depict criminals as superior to the judiciary in India.

“The song portrays a criminal presented before the court who proceeds to shoot a witness in front of the judge. It directly targets the judiciary, intending to convey that criminals stand above the Indian judicial system,” argued Solanki.

When asked to specify the objectionable content, Solanki highlighted a particular line from the song, stating, “Only one line wherein the criminal says, ‘bhari court me b goli marange, meri jaan, matha judge ka b avange paseene dekhiye’ (Translation: Will fire shots in a jampacked court even the judge will be scared and sweat).”

The advocate emphasized that the visual representation of this line in the song is particularly concerning, drawing attention to instances of similar incidents occurring in courts across the country.

After hearing the brief submissions, the bench expressed the need to watch the song before making any decisions. “Let us first watch the song, and only then can we say or decide something in this matter. Post it after a week,” stated Chief Justice Agarwal.

The court has scheduled the next hearing for the matter to take place next week, emphasizing the importance of a thorough examination of the song before reaching a conclusion on the allegations against it.

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